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by Kevin Daly

© 2003-2004 Kevin Daly
Kevin A word from Kevin:
My name is Kevin Daly and I live in Carmichael, California with my 17-year-old son, Gavin. I am a carpenter by trade and an avid trout, steelhead, and salmon fisherman. I conceived the idea of "Trout of the Hardwoods" while on a Kevin
fishing trip with my son to Oregon's Rogue River in 1999. When I first started creating these pieces it was strictly for self-satisfaction. But as others viewed my work, many suggested I put my pieces up for sale. They told me that other fishermen would be proud to display such unique and high quality work. So I proceeded to contrive numerous different designs and meticulously turned the various exotic hardwoods into what you see here on my site. I hope, if you purchase one, you receive years of pleasure whenever you see your piece. I would like to add, good luck on all of your fishing trips in the future!
Kevin Daly